Preparatory Course to LT (Philosophy)
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Purpose of the Program Bachelor in Religious Sciences (BRS) graduates, who lack two-year training in philosophy, are not eligible to apply for the Licentiate in Theology (Dogmatic Theology) Program (LT). In view of this, the Seminary College offers the Preparatory Course to LT (Philosophy) to BRS graduates so that they can fulfill the entrance requirements of the LT Program. Besides, it offers an opportunity for people interested in Christian Philosophy to study it during the night time.
Requirements for Admission Admission is open to all BRS graduates who have obtained the qualifications for entry into a university in Hong Kong or the equivalent; any exception to this norm will be made by the Admissions Committee set up by the Seminary College President.
Content Philosophy / Theology / Religious Sciences
Credit Hours The calculation of credits is according to the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS).
Assessment There are two general kinds of assessment, namely, formal examination and assignment.
Duration Academic Year
1. The academic year lasts from the beginning of September until the end of May. The break between the semesters is from Christmas to mid-January.
2. Class periods are of 50 minutes duration. 28 class periods are equivalent to 3.5 ECTS credits.
Requirements for Graduation N/A
Location Holy Spirit Seminary College of Theology and Philosophy