TR203 - Sacraments in General
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General Information
Course Type On Campus
Course Category T03 Liturgical & Sacramental Theology
Description Teaching Objective:
The course aims at giving a fundamental and general introduction to sacramental theology, and equipping students with a basic understanding on what is sacrament, its relationship with Christ and the Church, and its constituent elements and effects.

Teaching Content:
The Course is to study the foundation and the common and essential elements of the seven sacraments in the Catholic Church. The content covers 4 parts: (1) The general concept and theological development of the sacraments; (2) Foundation of sacrametal theology; (3) Some theses in the traditional and classical theology of the sacraments and their modern interpretations; (4) The relevance of the sacraments to Christian life in the Church and in the modern world.

Teaching Mode: Lecture and Personal Reading

Assessment Mode: Oral
College Organization Structure THEOLOGY DIVISION
Course Tuition Fee 1150.00
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