TD309 - The Trinity
General Information
Course Type On Campus
Course Category T02 Fundamental and Dogmatic Theology
Description Teaching Objective:
Objectives of this course include to familiarize students with some of the principal issues emerging in the discussion of Trinity in the course of history.

Teaching Content:
Taking as its point of departure a close reading of the revelation of God in the New Testament and its preparation in the Old Testament, this course will explore the dogmatic development of the Trinity from the Fathers of the Church to the early ecumenical councils. Special attention will be paid to terminologies adopted in the teaching of the Church: processions, relations, nature and persons. It will also consider its continuation in the Medieval Church and the ecumenical issue caused by the insertion of filioque.

Teaching Mode: Lecture

Assessment Mode: Written
College Organization Structure THEOLOGY DIVISION
Course Tuition Fee 1150.00
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