TB311B - The Latter Prophetical Books II
General Information
Course Type On Campus
Course Category T01 Sacred Scripture
Description Teaching Objective:
As indicated in Ratio Fundamentalis Institutionis Sacerdotalis no. 78, this course aims at giving the students an example of "correct methods of exegesis". Hopefully, the students will be aware of "what the main problems are and their solution" and be able to "acquire a vision of the whole of Sacred Scripture with a clear insight into the principal chapters of the history of salvation". This course on the 12 Minor Prophets is specially suited to achieve the latter objective inasmuch as it spans almost 700 years of Old Testament history and the New Testament view of prophecy will be taken into account.

Teaching Content:
After an introduction about Jesus the Word of God, New Testament prophecy, and Old Testament prophecy in general, in three steps we will scroll through the Twelve Prophets arranged not in canonical, but in chronological order. First, we will study Jonah, Amos, and Hosea, dwelling on such fundamental prophetic themes as Judgment, Day of YHWH, and Remnant, and making a detailed exegesis of Amos 3:3-8 and 7:10-17; Amos 1:3-2:16; Amos 5:21-27; Hosea 2:4-17, and Hosea 14:2-10. Second, we will scroll through the remaining prophets, taking a look at the content of Micah, Zephaniah, Nahum, and Habakkuk, developing the themes of Redemption and Anawim YHWH. Third, we will scroll through Obadiah, Joel, Haggai, Zechariah, and Malachi, studying the themes of God’s Reign, "Branch" Messianism, and Daughter of Zion.

Teaching Mode: Lecture, Group Discussion and Personal Reading

Assessment Mode: Oral
College Organization Structure THEOLOGY DIVISION
Course Tuition Fee 1150.00
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