Licentiate in Theology (Dogmatic Theology) Program
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Credit Requirements
Course List (by Category)
L01 Courses common to all specializations (Minimum credit needed:N/A)
Course CodeCourse NameCourse TypeCourse Credit
LC01A Theology of Church MagisteriumElective/Others3.5
LC03Contemporary Discussion on Biblical InspirationElective/Others3.5
LC06Christian Faith & Chinese CultureElective/Others3.5
LC07The Theology of Vatican IIElective/Others3.5
LC08A Research on the Inculturation of TheologyElective/Others3.5
LC11(Internal Use)Elective/Others3.5
LC14An Introduction to the Theology of St. AugustineElective/Others3.5
L02 Courses proper to the specialization of Dogmatic Theology (Minimum credit needed:N/A)
Course CodeCourse NameCourse TypeCourse Credit
LD02The Holy Spirit and the ChurchElective/Others3.5
LD03The Church as a Communion - Its Theological SignificanceElective/Others3.5
LD04The Historical Development of the Doctrine & Theology of MaryElective/Others3.5
LD07Religious Pluralism and Interreligious DialogueElective/Others3.5
LD11Jesus of Nazareth Yesterday & TodayElective/Others3.5
LD15An Introduction to Asian Liberation TheologyElective/Others3.5
LD16Lonergan's Method in TheologyElective/Others3.5
LD17The Human Spirit and the Holy SpiritElective/Others3.5
LD18The Significance of the Mystery of Christ to the Chinese peopleElective/Others3.5
LD20A Study of the Theology of Hans Urs von BalthasarElective/Others3.5
LD21(internal use)Elective/Others3.5
LD22The Soteriological Thinking of Contemporary TheologiansElective/Others3.5
LD23A Selected Study of Karl RahnerElective/Others3.5
LD24The Councils of the ChurchElective/Others3.5
LD25A Study of the Theology of Walter KasperElective/Others3.5
LD26The Church’s Theology of MysticismElective/Others3.5
LD27Karl Rahner’s Transcendental ChristologyElective/Others3.5
L03 Elective Courses (Minimum credit needed:N/A)
Course CodeCourse NameCourse TypeCourse Credit
LE01An Integrated Interpretation of the Parables of JesusElective/Others3.5
LE03Selected Readings in Asian ChristologyElective/Others3.5
LE05Christian Spirituality & Chinese CultureElective/Others3.5
LE08Biblical Theologies of CreationElective/Others3.5
LE09Paul's Soteriology in the Letter to the RomansElective/Others3.5
LE12The Chinese Rites ControversyElective/Others3.5
LE13History of the Church in ChinaElective/Others3.5
LE14Anthropology of Primeval HistoryElective/Others3.5
LE15Agape and ErosElective/Others3.5
LE21(Internal Use)Elective/Others3.5
L04 Seminars (Minimum credit needed:N/A)
Course CodeCourse NameCourse TypeCourse Credit
LS01AThe Theological Method of Karl RahnerRequired/Core7.0
LS02BThe Church's Teachings Concerning Original Sin-Historical Development and Modern InterpretationRequired/Core7.0
LS02CTheology of Spirit - Exploring with Inspirations from Chinese AestheticsElective/Others7.0
LS02DTrinitarian Theology: Augustine, Aquinas, Rahner and LonerganElective/Others7.0
L05 Research Paper (Minimum credit needed:N/A)
Course CodeCourse NameCourse TypeCourse Credit
LP01LT ThesisRequired/Core42.0