TB101 - Introduction to the Bible
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General Information
Course Type On Campus
Course Category T01 Sacred Scripture
Description Three modules are included.

TB101A History of Old Testament Times
16 lectures

Teaching Objective:
To introduce the students to an overview of geographical, historical, cultural and religious backgrounds of the Hebrew people and the neighboring nations in the Old Testament times.

Teaching Content:
The material is subdivided into seven sections: 1. Geographical context of Palestine throughout the ages; 2. The Patriarchal Traditions; 3. Exodus and the Settlement in Canaan; 4. The United Monarchy; 5. The Divided Monarchy; 6. The Babylonian Exile and the Persian Period; 7. The Hellenistic Period.

Teaching Mode: Lecture

Assessment Mode: Others

TB101B Introduction to the Old Testament
20 lectures

Teaching Objective:
1. To introduce a scientific method of studying the record of revelation: Diachronic and Synchronic study.
2. To introduce a standard understanding of Catholic Biblical faith according to the Vatican II.
3. To uphold a balanced way of reading Bible in reason and faith in the Church of New China.

Teaching Content:
1. The Historical making of each book in the Old Testament
2. How is each book in the Old Testament canonized?
3. How are these Books in the Old Testament forming a literal and spiritual persuasive appeal to the Catholic Church?

Teaching Mode: Lecture

Assessment Mode: Written

TB101C Introduction to the New Testament
20 lectures

Teaching Objective:
To help the students understand the events in history that influenced the writing and content of the New Testament. To guide the students in their understanding of the formation of the Synoptic Gospels. To explain briefly to the students the main aspects of the books of the New Testament, including, author readers and so on.

Teaching Content:
A brief history of the Holy Land from the Second Century B.C. to around 135 C.E. The solutions to the Synoptic Problem. A short introduction to each book of the New Testament.

Teaching Mode: Lecture and Others

Assessment Mode: Written and Others
College Organization Structure THEOLOGY DIVISION
Course Tuition Fee 2300.00
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