TB312 - Psalms
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General Information
Course Type On Campus
Course Category T01 Sacred Scripture
Description Teaching Objective:
As indicated by Ratio Fundamentalis Institutionis Sacerdotalis no. 78, this course aims at giving the students an example of “the correct methods of exegesis”. Hopefully, the students will be aware of “what the main problems are and their solution” and be able to “acquire a vision of the whole of Sacred Scripture with a clear insight into the principal chapters of the history of salvation”. This course on the Book of Psalms is especially suited to achieve the latter objective inasmuch as it spans at least 1000 years of Old Testament history. Moreover, while some Psalms offer remarkable reviews of the history of salvation, other Psalms are so open to the fulfillment of salvation in the New Testament that the Book of Psalms has not without reasons been called “The Fifth Gospel”.

Teaching Content:
At the beginning of the course, a choice will be made of one of the two following formats: a) As fundamental reference for the exegesis of the Psalms we will use the English and Chinese Notes of the course on the Book of Psalms given by the late Fr. Hubert Vogt O.F.M. In these notes, all the Psalms recited during Week I of the Liturgy of the Hours are given a detailed exegesis in 5 steps: Text, Context, Form, Word, Message. Students will take turns to make the exegesis of these Psalms one by one. One class hour will be devoted to each Psalm. The teacher will be present at each presentation, ready to offer supplementary information, needed corrections, and answers to questions. b) Among the 150 Psalms, 25 Psalms will be chosen by the whole class in dialogue with the teacher. Then, each student will choose one to nine of these 25 Psalms. Each Psalm then will be studied and presented from the point of view of the most fundamental and pervasive theme of the whole Psalter, “God reigns!” i.e. “Reign of God” theme.

Teaching Mode:
Group Discussion

Assessment Mode:
College Organization Structure THEOLOGY DIVISION
Course Tuition Fee 1150.00
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