TM303 - Social Ethics
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General Information
Course Type On Campus
Course Category T04 Moral Theology
Description Teaching Objective:
The course helps students, under the light of the Christian faith and the Church’s Magisterium, understand the close relationship between human acts, whether personal or communal, and society as well as the world. It also helps them develop a fundamental and rational perspective towards the material world. This course also expects students to grasp the main themes of Catholic social teaching, understand the relationship between faith and social concern, and make moral judgments according to Catholic values.

Teaching Content:
This course examines the relationship between social justice and faith, elements of social ethics, and methods of social ethics. It emphasizes the development and main themes of Catholic social teachings, including topics such as human rights, economic justice and globalization, political participation, ecology, and war and peace. This course also introduces Catholic social movements and some important figures, and explores the relationship between morality and spirituality.

Teaching Mode:
Lecture, Personal Reading, Group Discussion and Watching Movie Clips

Assessment Mode:
Written and Presentation
College Organization Structure THEOLOGY DIVISION
Course Tuition Fee 2300.00
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