PH217 - Chinese Philosophy in the Sung, Ming and Ch'ing Dynasties I
General Information
Course Type On Campus
Course Category History of Philosophy
Description Teaching Objective:
Helping students to know the importance of studying the Heart Nature of the Neo-Confucianism of the Sung, Ming and Ch’ing eras.

Teaching Content:
Confucian thought stresses the cultivation of the Inner Saint and of the Outer King. In the Sung, Ming and Ch’ing eras, Confucian thought takes a novel turn, stressing the Heart Nature and giving rise to the Rationalist School. This course gives prominence to the study of the Heart Nature, according to its development through the different periods: North Sung, South Sung, Ming, Ch’ing. At the same time it will probe the significance of the thought of the following philosophers: Chou Tun I, Chang Tsai, Ch’eng Hao and Ch’eng I, Chu Hsi, Lu Hsiang Shan, Wang Yang Ming, Wang Fu Chih, Tai Chen.

Teaching Mode:
Lecture and Personal Reading

Assessment Mode:
Written and Presentation
College Organization Structure PHILOSOPHY DIVISION
Course Tuition Fee 1100.00
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