LC03 - Contemporary Discussion on Biblical Inspiration
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Course Category L01 Courses common to all specializations
Description Teaching Objective:
This course makes its own the fundamental objective indicated in the Apostolic Constitution Sapientia Christiana Article 67: “The study of Scripture is, as it were, the soul of Sacred Theology, which rests upon the written Word of God together with living Tradition, as its perpetual foundation. The individual theological disciplines are to be taught in such a way […] that all the disciplines converge in a profound understanding of the mystery of Christ, so that this can be announced with greater effectiveness to the People of God and to all nations.” This course also makes its own the more particular objective given in Article 50 of the Norms of Application of the same Constitution: “The students are to be led to a deep grasp of the material, at the same time as they are led to form a personal synthesis, to acquire a mastery of the method of scientific research, and thus to become able to explain sacred doctrine appropriately”. This course on the Inspiration of Sacred Scripture will hopefully help the students to achieve a personal synthesis of the fundamental fact of God and man as the author(s) of Sacred Scripture, this authoritative witness to the reality of the Word of God as word “to our fathers by the prophets” and as person “to us by a Son”.

Teaching Content:
This course takes as its primary source material the Vatican II Dogmatic Constitution Dei Verbum Chapter III Articles 11-13 (together with all the texts indicated in the Notes to these 3 Articles). Supplementary material is provided by classical, modern, and contemporary authors who have discussed the Inspiration of Sacred Scripture (mainly Catholic but also Orthodox and Protestant, mainly Western but also some Chinese), like: St. Thomas Aquinas, John Henry Newman, Augustinus Merk & Augustinus Bea, Karl Rahner, Pierre Benoit, Wilfrid J. Harrington, Luis Alonso-Schoekel, Pierre Grelot, A. Robert & A. Feuillet, J. T. Burtchaell, Valerio Mannucci, Archimandrite Chrysostomos & Hieromonk Auxentious, David R. Law, Duane A. Garrett & Richard R. Melick, Hans Urs von Balthasar, Jin Lu Xian, Zhu Xiu De, Zhang Chun Shen. All this material, whether primary or supplementary, is studied in class through presentations and group discussions. Focuses of concern will be the semantics of biblical language, the distinction between inspiration and revelation, the truth of Sacred Scriptue, and the problem of Frühkatholizismus and a “Canon within the Canon”.

Teaching Mode:
Group Discussion and Personal Reading

Examination Mode:
Presentation and Paper
College Organization Structure THEOLOGY DIVISION
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